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Video & HTML5 move forward…

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Just picked up on an article over at InfoWorld Tech Watch ( that spells good fortune for those of us operating Android and iOS devices that have been left behind by their respective companies to not (or no longer offer) support for Adobe Flash. The story details another large concern (none other than YOUTUBE) that is now defaulting to the HTML5 tag rather than using Adobe Flash for Video support. What does this mean? It means a little less trouble for watching video. Now all we have to do is get *everyone else* still using Flash to switch…

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Ubuntu One file services shutting down…

In the face of Dropbox and the like, Canonical (developer of the popular Ubuntu OS) has decided to shut down its cloud storage service. More details here…

How time flies, what’s going on… and a great event!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great summer! You might (or might not) have been wondering just where The Tech Evangelist went…I guess you could say that I took a little hiatus of sorts. Dealing with…life and some personal and family issues that just consumed some major time. Things like work, where I finished up my first (half) season with, moving the Lorenz family to its new home on the West side of St. Charles, and finally in the middle of June leading theĀ  Safety and Communications team for the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure/Chicago- a fundraising bike ride that attracted almost 1100 riders on a hot day in June. It has been a busy summer, but I am once again ready to talk about about All Things Tech!

The next thing that I am working on a great application that I found- it is another cloud-based service whose aim is to help you “remember everything”. It is called Evernote, and you will see Part 1 of that coming up later this week. In the meantime…there is an exciting event coming up- a lot of you have probably heard of ‘meetups’ ( it is a place that llows you to start groups based on common interests, etc..and create gatherings for your group. I have started to coordinate the st. Charles Evernote meetup group, and we will be having our first meetup next Monday night at 7:30pm! We will be at the St. Charles Panera Bread, 2871 E Main St. This your opportunity to meet others using Evernote, share tips and hints…or to simply find out what’s it’s all about. Thanks to our frineds at Evernote, we will be giving away 2 one-month Evernote Premium account keys!

So come join us next Monday, and in the meantime, stay tuned for more from The Tech Evangelist!