I know, I know…

…I said I’d be publishing once or twice a week. 2 issues came up:


1. I’ve been trying to get a regular schedule going – this has been a little more difficult to do in reality.

2. I have been having sync issues with my distribution lists in Google mail. Addresses that I’ve been deleting off of lists haven’t been staying deleted. 😦

I think we have these issues solved…and there will be a new post later today. Promise. 🙂


So…I know what you’re thinking- a n o t h e r blog. Sheesh- so what is *this* yahoo going to write about?

My name is Eric Lorenz, and I am an IT/Tech Professional, and self-proclaimed tech geek. I have a long background in IT Support, mainly in hardware and networking. I also like to hunt out and find new ways to use technology to make my life (as well as others) more exciting and efficient, and I like to spread the word (or, ‘evangelize’) about the things I find with my friends and family. I am currently ‘in-between opportunities’ as they say, so I thought I would use some of the extra time I have to share this hunt with all of you. What will you see here? You’ll see posts about new and exciting tech-related tools I find that I think might make your life a little easier. Posts about new fun little gadgets I find (everyone has to have a little fun in their life). and I’ll be passing on news I find from other It and Tech-related sources about things that might affect you. I am also a Christian, and I serve as the IT & Technical Arts Director at my church- Our Redeemer Free Methodist in Elgin IL. So every once in awhile, you might find a verse or comment when I find a spiritual tie-in to the subject at hand.

How often will I be posting? When ever I find something worthy to pass on. Probably no less than once or twice a week. Part of this is an exercise for me to keep immersed in the IT and Tech world. 🙂

So, are you ready? Good- I’ll be starting with some of the tools that are part of my personal ‘Tech toolbox’. Hope you enjoy the journey. 🙂

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