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Video & HTML5 move forward…

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Just picked up on an article over at InfoWorld Tech Watch (http://bit.ly/1yVbqTk) that spells good fortune for those of us operating Android and iOS devices that have been left behind by their respective companies to not (or no longer offer) support for Adobe Flash. The story details another large concern (none other than YOUTUBE) that is now defaulting to the HTML5 tag rather than using Adobe Flash for Video support. What does this mean? It means a little less trouble for watching video. Now all we have to do is get *everyone else* still using Flash to switch…

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So…I know what you’re thinking- a n o t h e r blog. Sheesh- so what is *this* yahoo going to write about?

My name is Eric Lorenz, and I am an IT/Tech Professional, and self-proclaimed tech geek. I have a long background in IT Support, mainly in hardware and networking. I also like to hunt out and find new ways to use technology to make my life (as well as others) more exciting and efficient, and I like to spread the word (or, ‘evangelize’) about the things I find with my friends and family. I am currently ‘in-between opportunities’ as they say, so I thought I would use some of the extra time I have to share this hunt with all of you. What will you see here? You’ll see posts about new and exciting tech-related tools I find that I think might make your life a little easier. Posts about new fun little gadgets I find (everyone has to have a little fun in their life). and I’ll be passing on news I find from other It and Tech-related sources about things that might affect you. I am also a Christian, and I serve as the IT & Technical Arts Director at my church- Our Redeemer Free Methodist in Elgin IL. So every once in awhile, you might find a verse or comment when I find a spiritual tie-in to the subject at hand.

How often will I be posting? When ever I find something worthy to pass on. Probably no less than once or twice a week. Part of this is an exercise for me to keep immersed in the IT and Tech world. 🙂

So, are you ready? Good- I’ll be starting with some of the tools that are part of my personal ‘Tech toolbox’. Hope you enjoy the journey. 🙂

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